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So nice to come home to
Here is Dr John Nattrass with one of the last pictures we have of his lovely dog Bonifacio Fantome [Beau] who died at the tender age of just 14 months due to choking ,a sad loss to ourselves of a wonderful pet  but also the  World of Show Bulldogs

The late  Mrs Sheilagh Nattrass
who handled 3 dogs to their championship
Ch.Bonifacio's Tempete De Neige
Born 4.5.89

Fantome at Crufts 2003
Vicky handling Fantome at the SKC judge Terry Thorn
These puppies are from Bonifacio Milady x Quintic Samba born June 2003
This was Fantome at 5 weeks old
This is the only puppy from Fantome,age 3 weeks ,born 4 weeks after we lost him .
We were delighted when the owners of  Fantome's litter brother bought him to show us
introducing Bud........  almost 2 years old now but full of fun,we can see the likeness in his face to his  brother.....:-((
Its exciting here  , my  sister, my mum and my granny all queing up to see me  and a romp in the garden with my niece and nephew ,and the a quick glance at my two half  siblings in that  box .........I slept all the way homezzzzzzzzzzzzz
Here is grandaughter Rosie with 'Stuart  Little 
Charlie  trying to protect her feet from being nibbled by Stuart  and Minnie
any help or questions ?
Dr Nattrass will be pleased to assist you
Minnie 19 weeks
Minnie in the Sunshine
Legacy Paid us a visit at the Blackpool Show
December 2004 Boston Canine Society  Premier Show
Judge Paul Reynolds       [ Biddle ]
Minnie got 2nd                                                                                               Posy  got a 2nd
Bonifacio Genie is expecting to become a dad
for the first time on March 3rd 2005, he has mated a self whelped Kezia's just Joshua daughter so we are looking forward to seeing those pups
Bonifacio Genie  age 18 months
Sire Quintic Samba  Dam Bonifacio Soucci